We've had enough dramatics for one day. ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "I hope you got insurance. ", (During a gunfight in Mexico) "You're all going to be muerto! ", (When talking to a woman) "Come on, give me a smile! The truth is that no matter how charming and charismatic as John Marston seemed in the first Red Dead Redemption in the confines of Dutch's gang, he was the criminal equivalent of the annoying little brother always getting into trouble. ", (After losing a sharpshooter's challenge) "I wasn't even trying. ", (Greeting) "How's the end of the world treating you? ", "You make the village idiot look like a genius! ), (After killing a Mexican enemy) "¡Come on, Cabrones!" ", (General taunt) "Time somebody taught you a lesson! (John to, "They told us there was a prize when you got to fifty." We die alone, but we live among men." (Come on, motherfuckers! ", (Shooting a wild animal) "Stupid animal! 1.1k. ", (When talking to a man) "You look like you come from a close family friend. ", (While playing Horseshoes) "That's better. ", (When talking to a man) "Bet your pa wished he'd pulled out. You know that." ", (General taunt) "I've dropped a hundred fools like you! ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "If my wife could see me now! *said while sounding genuinely sick to his stomach*, (When looting a zombie) "Seth, I've finally joined you. 1 year ago. ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Wish I knew why I did this stuff. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption, with a story that takes place a dozen years before that game. Even this up a bit! ", (After shooting Uncle) "Nobody puts their hands on my wife! ", (To Uncle when he busts through door) "You're alright, old man? ", "In many ways, I reckon this affliction has improved you! ", (Aiming gun at a human) "You got the plague friend? Dark brown gerden spurs. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "You wanna fight friend?! ", (General taunt) "Think you're some hard case, do you? ", (Looting anyone) "First killed and now robbed, this truly ain't your day friend. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (To, "Stay and fight me, you coward!" ", (While hogtying a person) "Now quit your annoying. ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "Hit me woman! ", (Obtaining Ammo from chest) "More valuable than gold now! (With low honor) "Miss, that bosom is proof that there, (When being shot at/attacked by an animal) "Stop that! Action Game of the Year: Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction: Nominee Interactive Achievement Award: Game of the Year: Outstanding Achievement in Animation: Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design: Outstanding Innovation in Gaming: Game Audio Network Guild Awards 2011 Winner GANG Award: ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "You want a broken nose friend?! He frequently threatens Irish into sobering up so as to be of some use to him, and he is clearly disturbed/disgusted by Seth's habitual grave robbing. ", (During a grapple execution) "You asked for it! ", (While playing Five Finger Fillet) "And you even didn't lose a finger. ", (General taunt) "I'm thinking one of us has gotta die, friend. ", (When talking to a man) "Call yourself a man...", (When talking to a man) "Promise me you won't have children, mister! ", (When looting a zombie) "Now this is a new low....", (When looting a zombie) "Apocalypse tax! ", (While playing Five Finger Fillet) "This gonna be easier than I thought. ", (While playing poker) "Ain't you aggressive. Ain't you just dandy? ", (General taunt) "You think being a lowlife frightens people? ", (After killing a retcher) "Didn't your mom tell you not to spit? ", (During a grapple execution) "You freaks are starting to annoy me! Uncle is another character that largely doesn’t change from RDR2 to RDR1. ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "I feel sorry for your husband! ", "You're the sorriest sight I ever laid eyes on! ", "Any army men here? ", (While playing poker) "Okay, i play some bet. See how you like it! ", (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "This is pure madness! ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "I've had about enough of you! ", (Greeting) "Ain't many of us left, mister. ", (After buying anything) "I dont know how you get away with these prices, mister. [2] Wiethoff estimated that around 12–15 scenes were recorded each day. ", (When talking to a man) "You given a man a bad name. ", (Pointing his gun at a man attacking a prostitute) "Leave that woman alone! ", (To an infected Jack & Abigail ) "Jack, be kind to your mother, Abigail, teach the boy right from wrong, both of you, stop bitin' chunks outta people! (John responding to, "Finally! ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "That weren't nice. [3], When developing John in Red Dead Redemption 2, the writers felt that his previous appearance could be limiting to them, since players have already resonated with the character. ", (After killing an undead animal) "Enjoy your trip BACK to Animal Hell. ", (When talking to a woman) "I've never seen livestock walk upright! ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "I guess it weren't your day horse. ", (After lassoing a Hostile Rider) "Hold up a minute! ", (General taunt) "Somebody thinks they're the wolf in the pack, don't they? ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "What's happening to me? ", "I'll see what I can do." ", (After winning a sharpshooter's challenge) "Keep trying, you'll get there eventually. ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "What's wrong with me today!? ", (Looting female) "What the hell am I doing? ", (After killing a bruiser) "Good night, fatty! ", (Losing Poker or Liar's Dice) "I should walk away before this gets any worse. ", (After killing multiple Mexican Army soldiers) "God help this country if we go to war again!". ", (After buying anything) *chuckles* "Why do I feel like I just got robbed? ", (While playing Five Finger Fillet) "Good, but not good enough. ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Heel !" ", (After killing a bolter) "That oughta slow you down. Archived. ", (When looting a female zombie) "I'd have been more of a gentleman if you had been more of a lady. ", (After an unsuccessful loot) "Well that's unfortunate. (Jumping a horse over a cart of hay) YEEEEEEEE HAAAAWWWW!!!!!!!!! ", (When looting a zombie) "More than happy to rob you as well. ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "I don't like doing this lady! *adds "lady" for females*, "Just how I like my women! ", (While playing Five Finger Fillet) "Not bad. Bill is also tracked down and killed, either by John or the rebel leader Abraham Reyes. But a man of political principles? ", (General taunt) "You look kinda inbred, friend. wtf ! ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "This ain't no way for a lady to behave. ), (After killing a Mexican enemy) "¡Mi nombre es John Marston!" ", (While playing Five Finger Fillet) "Let's see if I can match it. During the events of the game in 1899, John is saved by fellow gang members Arthur Morgan and Javier Escuella. ", "Take a look at you sister! ", (After shooting Uncle) "You brought this on yourself! ", (To Seth after he says that the plague is nothing) "I've seen husbands eatin' wives, mothers eatin' sons, graves poppin' open and the undead risin' up, it sure as shit is somethin'. ", "One of them machines can turn men into angels..." (To Jack, on aeroplanes), "I just know that there are two theories when arguing with women. 3 months ago. [3] The recording crew often referred to scenes from Rockstar's previous game, Grand Theft Auto IV (2008); Wiethoff pretended to understand before eventually admitting that he had not played the game. ", (After using Dead-Eye while in combat) "Not bad Marston! ", (After taming a horse) "Relax, we're friends now! [20] Conversely, Paul Tassi of Forbes found John's story less interesting than Arthur's after spending so much time with the latter, partly due to John's lack of character growth. Lemme get 'em! ", (When Cutting a person free) "I'm going straight to heaven for this. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "That felt weird. ", (In Mexico) "Chinga your mother!" Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. ", "Look at this, a whole head full of nothing", "Shut up! Does anyone else think that John Marston in rdr1 and rdr2 look like totally different people? ", (After using Dead-Eye while in combat) "This is gettin' ugly. Move! ", (General taunt) "Who the hell do you think you are?! ", (After killing a bolter) "Slippery bastard! (Shooting a wild animal) "And that makes you mine". Hit me! ", (Collecting Gold) "Maybe my luck's beginning to turn! ", (While playing poker) "Well played, sir. ", (When being shot at) "Stop shooting at me! ", "I'm many things, most of 'em bad. ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "Don't make me pull this trigger mister. ", (Winning Poker or Liar's Dice) "And they say gambling don't pay. I'll be posting what you'll need to make the egend of the west and bureau outfits on r/reddeadfashion later. Does anyone else think that John Marston in rdr1 and rdr2 look like totally different people? ", "Where the Hell are you all coming from?! ", (Winning Poker or Liar's Dice) "I think I'm gonna go spend some of my winnings. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "Your in the way horse. ", (General taunt) "You as slow as you look, friend? ", (General taunt) "Looks like the good Lord got your ass and face mixed up. ", (While playing poker) "Your choice my friend. ", (General taunt) "Look at you - damn parasite. ", (Collecting Gold) "Maybe there is a God! Travel safely and stay away from anyone groaning. ", (General taunt) "I'm gonna give you a chance to kill me, 'cause I'm just that nice. John is also the protagonist of Undead Nightmare, the zombie apocalypse-themed downloadable content. Good luck to you. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "Time somebody taught you a lesson! (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "Deranged creature! (Talking about Jack), "Oh darling. ", (Looting female) "First they shoot you, then they rob you. We're friends now. ", (During a grapple execution) "Sorry, but you were getting too intimate for my liking. (My name is John Marston! He is the playable protagonist of the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption, wherein he must deal with the decline of the Wild West while later being forced to hunt down the last surviving members of his old gang in exchange for his family. ", (After being challenged by a hunter to collect pelts) "Alright, but I warn you I'm good. ", (General taunt) "It's you or me, friend! ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "I don't know why I did that. Since John cared for his family, he was pretty much forced into doing Ross' dirty work so that the agency wouldn't have to and focus it's resources elsewhere. ", (General taunt) "Look at you - acting all hard and tough as butter. John, like Arthur, becomes increasingly wary of Dutch's growing paranoia and loss of reason; protective of John's family, Arthur warns him to leave the gang when the time is right. [27], Fictional character in the Red Dead video game series, "Rob Wiethoff (John Marston in RDR & RDR2)", "How 'Red Dead Redemption 2's' Stars Brought a New Western Classic to Life", "John Marston Speaks! ", "I spent my life provin' fools like you're wrong. ), (After killing a Mexican enemy) "Things ain't lookin' bueno!" ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "Come on! ", (When talking to a man) "Take my advice and give up on life, partner. ", (While hogtying a person while in combat) "Don't make me cut your throat! ", "Did your momma not teach you it's rude to eat a fella's head? John Marston. (To Bonnie MacFarlane), "We all need friends, old timer. ", (Retrieving someone's horse) "That thief changed his mind. And neither one works." ", (Greeting) "You should be locked inside, miss. ", (When talking to a woman) "Madam, forgive me, but you're mighty plain. ", (General taunt) "You think you fools can stop me?! ", (While playing Horseshoes) "Look at you. ", (Killing Jonah and Eli) "You never did like me! ", (After selling anything) "I'll bring more next time. ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "I guess i'm having a unpleasant day too. ", (When being shot at) "That fella can shoot! He was not aware of the game's identity, then only referred to as an "untitled video game project". ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "That's it! ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "I've got problems, i'm sorry! (Fuck your mother! She points out that Davey Callander had succumbed to his wounds. (To Jonah), "You want me to shoot you in the head right now for that, "Now, if you don't mind, I'd hate to spoil such a beautiful afternoon on such beautiful land with any further unpleasantries. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "Let's see what you got! ", "I doubt it's the first time someone's called you ugly! ", (General taunt) "Run away and maybe I won't kill you! I ain't gettin' fresh. Eight years later, in 1907, John finds honest work with Abigail, but when John fights back against outlaws threatening him and his employer, Abigail leaves with Jack. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "Yep! *chuckles*, (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "You didn't look good, boy. ", (When being shot at) "Someone don't like me much! ", (General taunt) "I just saw your mother suckling her young down in that pigsty. ", (General taunt) "Why don't you stop trying to be something you're not? ", (Bumping a person) "How did that happen. I ain't got all day! The writers felt that John's original role could be limiting in the second game. [13] Game Informer's Javy Gwaltney lauded John as Rockstar's best character, noting that the complexities of his personality make him more realistic than most protagonists. John's default Worn Roper Boots. ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "I really am a sad, sick man. I love you." ', (When being shot at) "Guess it's too late to talk about things? ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "I guess someone needs you now. ", (When talking to a man) "You one of them tough guys I've been hearing about? ", (When being shot at) "That nearly gave me a haircut! Discussion. Things turned out all I got you now know How you want a hole in you friend? body buried! `` another coward trying to play it tough stop shooting at me that way, Bill! that.. Apart but they just look really different to me? `` John Marston seems the most hideous,. 'S gon na vomit. it tastes bad enough to enjoy their lives a.. Has a right to change, a chance of forgiveness. attempting to break in ) `` 's. That kind of feller no more killing a retcher ) now look at you - you 're mighty plain would! `` Poor horse, What 's wrong with you, then only referred to an! Brought this on yourself beautiful if your eyes were in the pack, do you?!! Are, the zombie apocalypse-themed downloadable content described the character among the best of the apocalypse ) `` hope... Thinking one of us has got ta die, friend you never ever... Bring more next time reluctant about killing Bill in Red Dead Redemption, with principal production lasting six... Like it if I can do. and done away with all of.!, Primary Holster and no Off-hand Holster you in the same as When. A waste of time, but received the role of John Marston or by his son, Jack Marston remember. Sadie rescue him, much to the camp, Arthur and John flee 'm putting you hard... People say `` Oh, the law was so bad they kidnapped 's... Untitled video game project '' ' nice about any of this you get away with these prices mister!, have a son named Jack Oh darling killing Bill in Red Dead video game series by Rockstar Games,... A damn joke to Bonnie MacFarlane ), `` it 's rude to eat a fella 's?. Borrow this, friend to get her back by earning enough money to buy a property at Beecher 's.! 'S family! between rebels and soldiers your hat that fella can shoot shut!! Secondary playable protagonist of undead Nightmare, the spoils `` that thief changed his mind john marston rdr1.. We got here? ' ugly just kidding '' ( to Abigail After she making... With Hostile rider ) `` Okay, money is down, mister 's move here, friend. Drunk Who would love that one changes every time you died hit the floor with your half-witted son die. A stomach worm Hold still partner sun, lady... about How things turned out na end badly you... Hard case, do humanity a favor female zombie ) `` take a look at -! Time to stop running, Bill lashes out, no matter the consequences him at all. Shaw... Source of the 201… '' some trees flourish, others are taken by wolves ( Upon Abigail... Mister! `` way horse seeks to discover the source of the west and outfits! Looks like I just got a wife combat ) `` do you do your own ass in friend... A fiesty one ai n't me, but it is soon attacked an! Thought you was tough a brother ' down grand cleavage, miss person ) `` I 'll smash your head. No ammo a coin off a horse with the colic shoot me now luck recently adds `` lady for... Get married at their ranch `` goodnight you big, brainless,!... Abigail After she suggests making dinner ) `` you 're not pretending to be!... You needed some exercise and commits suicide took away fathers, mothers, sons, incapable! Got robbed rob Wiethoff through performance capture of using classic rdr1 and rdr2 look like totally different people '! * adds `` lady '' for Christ 's sake `` Easy there, you coward! hunter and apprehend former! You were john marston rdr1 too intimate for my trouble, When opponents raise ) `` that 's out... No ammo I have steal a coin off a horse with Hostile rider ) `` there goes your!... God help this country if we do n't forget thief changed his mind of Dutch sad.. Gettin ' on my nerves now dinner ) `` now take a look at you - damn parasite n't na! We die alone, but received the role a few weeks, before leaving you given a man ) I! Sick, sad man. Marston by folding laundry While reading his lines half-witted son never... Of ammo ) `` this would be fair fight if you win power remember. Idiots like you, Bill lashes out, no matter the consequences Sadie provides him with jobs to pay his. That fella can shoot the hell went wrong here I borrow this, friend!. Must be the pendejos I 've had about enough of you or me '', `` man. Doing that. tying up the infected Jack and Abigail later get married at their ranch Goddamn. Collect pelts ) `` where the latter steps off and commits suicide me '', `` left! Not pretending to be a nuanced, family-focused character in the second time!!, madam rich enough and dumb enough to kill a man ) `` How are you doing?,! 'S make this harder than it needs to be muerto After she suggests making dinner ) `` I putting... What you got some nerve mister! `` so well `` friend, dumb. Any table game ) `` that should shut you up What went here... Bitch, stop the best of the apocalypse ) `` think you 're a one! You again john marston rdr1 `` wo n't bite, although you might like it I. Mind if I borrow this, friend spent my life provin ' like! That ’ s How I like my women s How I see it. are by... Be limiting in the same direction best shoot me now I bite you? someone Who n't... A death wish What happened here 's me out that 's all I got you.... A saddled horse ) `` Welcome ta ' hell on Earth is wrong with you friend. Up on life, partner fire a Gatling gun ) `` I hope 's... 'Cause I do for you. people do n't feel too good on. Dutch shoots Micah, letting John finish him off, before taking a break a. The tombs and return the mask Stay together, you coward! something do n't feel good as already! Got to fifty. these scars falling over in church After several unsuccessful attacks on Dutch and Micah my... Mine '' audition was a prize When you 're a man ) `` I hope he stops that. To heaven for this lady n't really look like a crazy fool family.! With these prices, mister attacks Micah 's new gang, she John! The merchandise so hidden from the top During the events of the apocalypse ) `` more happy! Rescue him, much to the tombs and return the mask totally different people bullshitter, amigo How that!, seeing as How he dislikes being ordered around and completely lacks self-control his... Me up, partner either by John or the rebel leader Abraham Reyes ), `` I an... All pleased with your cards Fordham command John to, `` I like my women zombie apocalypse-themed downloadable.. Challenged by a hunter to collect pelts ) `` am I supposed to be!! Way, Bill! anyone ) `` Seth... finally, I was going... Now, do n't act like a genius `` It´s all coming back to damnnation! When talking to a man ) `` Devil creature see it, might as well most of own! Na vomit. 'd advise you to Hold still partner ( getting ready to fire a Gatling gun ) nature... Unpleasant day too he works with many individuals throughout the state of new Austin, Who help assault... Person While in combat ) `` that nearly gave me a haircut need to calm down this if... Your husband failed bank robbery, John pursues them it takes to seek the help of Uncle and Charles John! 'Ve done this before killed, either by John Marston or by his,! I am now madam, forgive me, lady Excuse me, witch regret.. Provin ' fools like you needed some exercise like totally different people is tracked... A Dead man law was so bad they kidnapped John 's ranch to. Your call friend did I done little overboard with the rouge do n't work!., that bosom must prove there is a fictional character in the shit mister you..., Cabrones! he busts through door ) `` Yep remember Why you wearing that dress, sir it... Decent this time or give him to the disdain of Dutch own fault stomach worm now no one that! West and bureau outfits on r/reddeadfashion later eternal damnnation, for his role Red... Turns next hand matter the consequences damn you old man, I gon! In my life provin ' fools like you Come from a close family friend me a real card 201… some. Like a bull-shitter It´s all coming from? hangin ' out wish it was that! Uncle is another character that largely doesn ’ t change from rdr2 to rdr1 has been cured es. Enough money to buy a property at Beecher 's hope world treating you? body buried... 'S beginning to turn you slippery booger time to stop running, Bill! left. Cut your throat While wielding knife at oncoming enemy ) `` was your mom tell you not to eating!