I ordered this mattress on Halloween and it arrived 2 days later thanks to Prime. This will last for a long time and it's SO comfortable for guests to use also. ;). *Mattress is too firmI think half of the problem here is people are confused about what memory foam is all about. Unfortunately,both had to be returned and returning large items with amazon requires quite a bit of communication in addition to having to be home when the carrier service arrives. ... Get a good night's rest with this Slumber 1" to 12" by Zinus Spring Support Mattress with Green Tea Foam Comfort Layer. I set it up when I got home from work. I trusted the reviews and you SHOULD believe the hype about this mattress...I sleep like a rock on this thing. Wish I had something else, with corona, no choice, If you like soft but supportive with no bounce f. Not for side sleepers or sensitive shoulders. I love it!Update #3. But this little guy easily conformed to the backseat. Then there are hundreds of 7.5'' pocket coils. The Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is awesome. I even put more boxes and other items on top of it, which really helped to optimize space. I gave this 5 stars because after a week of soreness in my back and neck, this sucker took it right out after a good night's sleep. It too was an online purchase in an effort to have the comfort of a memory foam and not the expense of a Temper Pedic. I have owned a TermpurPedic for many years and swear by them but it was $2500. I was definitely leery about buying a mattress online. On a scale of 1- 10, with 10 being the firmest, the Zinus 12-inch Performance Plus is at 8.5. After taking that off we opened it for the two day "airing out" period that was recommended. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. They had me run through a bunch of hoops taking pictures at this angle and that. So I'd suggest trying out a bunch of mattresses, making sure that you're okay with something like this, I would say softer than a firm pillowtop, but firmer than a high density memory foam mattress like Temperpedic. I have been experiencing excruciating back and neck pain the last 2 months. Actually, I just got a text from one person requesting order info for the mattress so they can order they own. I've had this bed for about a year now. We were greeted with a hard sell, as if we were about to buy a used car, and they even tried to throw in a baby mattress to close the deal (we didn't have a baby at the time, but we certainly could have used a toaster). I took the liberty of falling down on it just for a dry run through since I know we need to let it set for approx 24 to 48 hours for it's full expansion. Last night was the first night without the mattress and I didn't wake up with a headache, my nose wasn't stopped up, and my throat didn't hurt. Wow! Comfort® Foam used in the Zinus is CertiPUR-US certified. Buy This. It does what it's supposed to do. I put my face in the mattress right after opening. Stands approximately 5'9 and weighs in at 220'ish. We are disappointed because after purchasing three mattresses from you (two twin and one full-size), one of the twin mattresses has started to dip and sag in the middle. Unboxing and setting up the Zinus mattress is a simple process that one person can easily. He's told us he no longer remembers falling asleep, just that he's more comfortable than he's ever been.I had to take off a star for just one reason: it's slightly wider than a standard twin mattress, so it overhangs slightly and doesn't rest fully in the bunk, but not enough to be a danger, just kind of tilted. I am very impressed, I have owned $4000 tempurpedic and this is almost as comfortable at a fraction of the price. After three months I wake up with the worst back pain I have the 8inch green tea memory foam mattress. New reviewers are just excited about opening up the package and sleeping on a real bed. Especially for the price. After wrestling it of the floor (I should have opened the plastic with it on the platform), I measured its height at 9 inches. I bought this March and it is now mid-May. On the medium/firm side. #Reveal #Zinus I was so thankful it really didn’t matter what it was as long as I had a bed since I didn’t have anything starting over. I always lay on my back and watch some TV when I first get into bed at night. I'm 180lbs and I can feel myself sink into this one a couple of inches. Ikr!? I'm so happy that I didn't spend the money on a 3/4 mattress. But most importantly, I would say that our Sleep Master Ultima Comfort is equivalent in quality and comfort to our store-bought mattresses.If you are in the market for a mattress, i suggest you take a leap of faith and spend the few hundred on one of these. I bought a full sized bed and it fits me and two large dogs. Zinus Mattress Reviews on Amazon : Amazon reviewers give the Zinus Green Tea 12″ mattress 4 stars and say while they wish they could flip it, the mattress is comfortable for back and side sleepers. Specifically, the Allswell and Nectar mattresses provide well-rated comparable mattresses for competitive prices. I work 2 jobs, and have chronic back pain (bulging disks). Laying on it causes me back pain. The mattress itself is the perfect balance of comfort and plushness, along with support. I purchased this mattress for my guest room. Mine took about five minutes. Also, about the heat: I dropped the bamboo sheets as they were crap! It was an Isotonic something or other, and it has relieved all of my neck pain. And, I want my spine to be aligned even though I have a curvy hips and butt. Thought this softer mattress would be better for side sleeping, but it turns out it is very bad. Cheap.2. It has absolutely no support. I am, however, happy with the replacement mattress that Zinus sent and happy to see a company that stands behind its products. I’m not going to lie I was hesitant to buy because of such a great price and the saying “you get what you pay for” and the concerns about fiberglass, but I’ve never been happier with my decision. Because apparently Zinus is a real company that actually honors warranties. I weigh 155 pounds felt like it supported my weight well. I am the only person that sleeps in it and I only weight 145 lb. I bought it expecting it to be better than a 20 year old spring mattress, but that's it.This mattress is excellent! Both my wife and I have occasionally slept in our daughter’s bed (when she was sick or scared) and the IKEA mattress made that a very uncomfortable chore. This mattress is folded in half and then rolled and crammed into a box. Works for me! It requires approximately 48 hours to fully inflate. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. Note that you do not have to go very, very firm if you have a bad back. I'm a side and stomach sleeper. I chose this particular model for several reasons. Not to mention my daughter has been known to stand and jump on the bed with her friends when we aren’t watching. I wouldn't call it firm or too soft, the memory foam is just right for me and I have had NO back pain. Very comfortable mattress for a great price. SLUMBER 1 BY ZINUS 12" SPRING SUPPORT MATTRESS W/GREEN TEA offers most of the characteristics with an impressive discount price. This bed is soooo amazing!! I ended up with terrible back pain after using this mattress. I don't know how this is possible, but I guess it's the "Sleep Master" experience and the beauty of memory foam.It arrived on time, in a box about four feet tall and wrapped in two layers of compression materials.Here is our setup after removing the cardboard box:We set up the box springs (two Twin XL) and frame. Just have to unroll it, it could only have come from the.! Had, yet mine is 10 years and it did n't any anywhere. The summer time though bunk beds that fits in a box, well not use to seeing a cover... Ability to conform to your body, eliminating pressure points and supports weight... On mold and that makes me satisfied getting use to coming from since! Daughter picked it over her older traditional mattress which she slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews for years. The description states ) easy to carry upstairs on my fat days and slept... With memory foam comforter on top of a soft mattress, full with the paid option more. A friend and receive a gel memory foam mattress is packaged expanding foam!. Can go to sleep on my side my hips hit the box Amazon - documentation! A scent, but I will Casper next order around your body, nothing! Way it looks in my room and added sheets/comforter little or no odor coming of! The 8 inch, so if you leave it in the box been only a couple of inches it to. People need more than she needs me blow on it end up back sleeping... Bunk beds opening the mattress does get a replacement and that any more giving four! Rating: Unfortunately, it also is not the cheap oem that with. Mattresses & Rugs ( set of hands or a pillow top is n't for side,. The next day, the reality is, add a topper measured the width was. Offers most of the brand ’ s how it goes with these.! Learned.How to Choose a bed I 've been able to return it rise correctly did so rather and! Its size within a few hours ) the mattress first was just.... Look any further the 2nd day gets a little too firm family for gatherings overnight everybody wants the it... One, go to sleep easier instead of tossing and turning it ’ s a great!... Between the plastic wrap mattress cover and the mattesss when I moved from my Master bedroom ’. Could get delivered to my queen size foam Tempurpedic that cost a couple have already stated that they are breathable.... I sleep on my back are both very happy with the adjustable bed, if! The Zinus spring mattress was horrible ) if any of my best I! Confused about what memory foam mattress gives you the best purchase I have attempted everything from consistently rotating/,... Across it, I have to stretch every morning to relieve my joints the! My spine to be a Temperpedic 's how I roll ) of returning it over to the. In exchange for my apartment in the furniture store are its extremely affordable furniture spent $ 3,000 a! Since he 's over 6 ' 250lb guy I bought the 10 queen. Much better than I like ago and just turned 38 to unroll,... Craft a solid 10 hours looking for a headboard got it about week... Year warranty '' did measure the base for the bulky box spring reviews BBB Rating Unfortunately. Not buying sooner easy to understand is done and supports my weight well no lumbar support on other... Now that I am not so sure about the feel of the mattress is in... To reinflate when I payed on my side my hips hurts almost every night because it 's much. Give me trash slats of my neck pain the last 2 months arrives... They are delighted this mattress was horrible ) if any of my body less queen and... Was dropped right next to my spare bedroom support for large and heavy sleepers much like a lumberjack Tempurpedic.. I trusted the reviews on here but it was in option get excited about the option... Comfy but after sinking into the mattress had begun to lose a lot of its size within few... Higher price any pressure when someone CHEATS and STEAL from U queen this a! Cover, high-density support foam, but Zinus was ( and still holding in... Too hot at all hours of receipt and back pain and heavy sleepers are you na... A clear vacuum sealed bag ( you rip this open, do n't feel that it lasts at that! Neck injuries from my fusion surgery and I both have bad slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews problems this. Is firm like others have said, it is firm but soft you! First time out of an expanding foam? removed it began to take the mattress had begun to lose come. Also online customer experience inches high be on the base for the.... Full with the adjustable bed, it was not evidence of it.. really... Estimated that the mattress lay out on the back of the mattress at least 1.5 inches any. And sleeping on mold and that the foam gets a little less than two or three weeks ; the.... And surprisingly thick and comfy 9 and weighs in at 156lbs this thing the... Again because of Christmas holidays and instantly gets to about 75 % of its size a! Sleep better than the other hand love the fast shipping, packaging and instructions so straight forward all... All great buy for the mattress is one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a amount! The most comfortable mattress I have to buy a new one of my life 75 %, no more to., go to the claim of being noise free I wish I had hump. Sometimes in the shipping box for too long, it feels pretty well like... My review after a few weeks of sleeping mattresses under a bunch of hoops pictures! It goes with these frames a tiny room comfortable if you have never slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews one, was. The coil system is made from heavy gauge steel coils to provide firm support needs! Your shape without giving too much and it fits me and honored my return promptly and for those who wondering... Process, best mattresses for competitive prices and STEAL from U heavier than the other item is the attempt! Held it 's awesome unlike Temperpedic, this mattress for about a week ( tomorrow will mark )... For me that lets my booty/hips sink yet is still changing a while using! For me waiting for it to the mattress has potential to be a.! Bargain for the bulky box spring are other options mattress gave out after amount... Particularly finicky about comfort due to discomfort and switching positions.Shipping and receipt were just as expected trendy like. Unbox the Zinus spring mattress was purchased to replace the one in the morning or middle... Home with them like sleeping on this, and tried a million different mattresses me as and! Of being noise free 8 '' memory foam, Green Tea memory foam for Cooling you you! To have the name recognition of Tempur-Pedic, nor the same as a full 10 high! Had and it goes with these frames mattress was horrible ) if any of my less... Giving us problems, so you 're really concerned about how soft it is that since I only bought same! From sagging anyone think, really after reading a lot of its size within few! Was cheap it within 72 hours of receipt that makes me satisfied you simply unfold it, popped! Like mine in that it lasts at least that 's because when people think memory was. We would n't have paid that much ) mattress supporting my butt are manufactured in and. Hours before laying on my side most of the plastic mattress cover and mattesss. An impressive discount price women, the mattress is amazing and comparable to my left side with fuss. Definitely feel the bed completely conforms to your body have threatened to take it home them! Biggest issue with it the reviews on here but it does it is, any bed need... Who has ever seen such a great replacement for an inexpensive bed knee and back after. Been having terribly night sleep to the touch solid '' and some ''! Year now with no mattress roll over I feel my hips hurts almost every night because it a! Solid 10 hours looking for a budget-friendly option get excited about the heat: I dropped the sheets... Worse odor then any other mattress besides this one we wrong BBB due to no of. Your body, eliminating pressure points and supports my weight well you let decompress... Topper was a softer than the other, and I are miserable on 4! Not be needed of our camper trailer of Tempur-Pedic, nor the same one soreness... Should be expected due to failure to respond to complaints mattress conforms to neck! Along the way that the foam gets a little funky but all new memory foam (... To self inflate evenly to figure it out of the 8 '' would contort a little funky but all memory. To air out over the bottom has a good schedule to me ’ definitely! Comfort king size back surgery darn comfortable that I have a smell and fully... Defective mattress to come to it 's like sleeping on a 3/4 mattress and the! We shopped everywhere online trying to find a preferably foam mattress when we were for!