Once the bear realizes it has happened upon a person, the bear usually moves off to more important things - the daily business of being a bear. That’s the stunning population loss for polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea. Travel Smart. Even during the frigid days of winter, these furry white creatures don’t hibernate in cozy dens, like other bears do. Now, with the finalizing of the NPS rule and the proposed rule taking away protections for brown bears, we can expect this to become a common occurrence on Alaska… BP Shoots, Kills Polar Bear in Alaska: $20,000 Needed to Run Massive Overpopulation Video Ad: New Arctic Drilling Approved as Walruses Suffer: 2 Billion Pounds of Pesticides Too Many --Take Action: Lawsuit Launched to Save Wolves From Leg Traps: Hundreds Arrested Fighting Dirty Tar Sands, Risky Pipeline - … In recent years, however, Earth’s climate has been getting warmer, and ice near the Poles has […] In Alaska, state officials were given sole authority to manage land and wildlife when the region was granted statehood in 1959. Muskrats are one of Alaska's most visible and numerous furbearers; but harsh winters, dry summers, and overpopulation result in periodic fluctuations in numbers. For example, severe winters in combination with wolf and bear predation can drastically reduce a big game population. Four-fifths of the muskrats harvested in Alaska are taken in five areas: the Yukon Flats surrounding Fort Yukon, Minto Flats, Northway-Tetlin Flats, the Yukon … Forty percent. Sources: Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team, Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and Alaska Department of Fish and Game That doesn’t have to be the case in the 21st century, conservationists say. Alaskan polar bears are masters of ice. Because many of Alaska's big game populations and their habitats are less productive than those in lower latitudes and because predators such as wolves and bears are common here, human hunters … You can avoid them, or make your encounter a safe one, by following these safety tips. The article, "Trends in Intensive Management of Alaska's Grizzly Bears, 1980-2010," summarizes changes in bear hunting regulations in northern, Interior and Western Alaska over the past three decades. The Bear Necessities. Alaska is so large and complex, the thinking went, that state officials would be the most effective … Trump administration makes it easier for hunters to kill bear cubs and wolf pups in Alaska A ban against luring mothers from their dens with doughnuts and other treats will be lifted (iStock) At trailheads look for posted signs about recent bear … Instead, they go north, hunting for seals living in the ice-covered water. The scientists’ findings offer a further sign of a climate emergency. Under the current rule, predator control is not allowed on Alaska’s 16 national wildlife refuges “unless it is determined to be necessary to meet refuge purposes, is consistent with federal laws and policy, and is based on sound science in response to a conservation concern.”The law also bans specific hunting methods on Alaska refuges, including killing bear … Last year, the HSUS released a shocking video that showed a father-son duo shooting at a mother bear hibernating in a tree hollow, then slaughtering her two little cubs. Always be "bear aware". That policy was renewed by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980. The news comes from a new study linking the dramatic decline in this polar bear subpopulation in northeast Alaska and Canada to a … A cemetery sitting on melting permafrost tundra at the village of Quinhagak on the Yukon delta in Alaska.